Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Than a Little Skeptical

I apologize up front for the negative sounding post title. You'll see why in just a bit.

Let me back up a little. It is odd being Reformed in one sense of the word, but definitely not in another sense. I'm enthusiastically Reformed when it comes to the doctrine of salvation. Count me in as far as God's sovereignty is concerned related to the salvation of sinners. I love the doctrines of grace and the 5 solas. I realize that none of this is news, but I just wanted to state it again.

On the other hand, count me out when it comes to the Reformed doctrine of the church. While I certainly think men like Luther and Calvin made some very good changes of Roman Catholic Church practices, they still kept too many of the problems. For example, they kept both the ceremony and the focus on one person. They also kept baptizing babies. The nonviolent Anabaptists, despite their troubles, were much more biblical ecclesiologically than were the Magisterial Reformers.

In light of this, I'm more than a little skeptical about a new post at the Ligonier Ministries blog. In a piece entitled, "Doctrine of the Church: Recommended Reading," we can find numerous books on the church. So what's the problem? All these books look at the church through a Reformed lens. Some will do this more than others, but in the end they will all be very much the same. I highly doubt that any will really challenge the sacred cows of today's churches. It's one thing to say that the church should be, "one, holy, catholic, and apostolic." It's another thing to say that the church should be biblical in both what it believes and what it does.


Aussie John said...


I am of a very different era than yourself, almost double your age, and running out of years.

It thrills me that you, who have many years ahead of you,even though facing criticism from some quarters, will not be regarded as an heretic,b7y most, and are free to express what have been my convictions for many years.

My prayer is that the Lord will open many hearts to what you are writing, and saying, and convict many who are bound to a tradition, rather than Scripture.

I trust also that many, who don't realize the power vested interest has over them will wake up!

Eric said...


Thank you for such kind words. I appreciate your example to me.

I also hope that many will listen, by the grace of God, to what more and more people are saying about the church. You once wrote that we need a Reformation of the church. I agree. I hope we live to see it.