Friday, October 1, 2010

An Annoying Little Question

Here's the question, "Why do we do things that we don't see in the bible?"

This little question makes us squirm because we all know that we all do things that we don't see in scripture. This pertains to us as individuals and as the church as a whole.

We do things that we are commanded not to do. We don't do things that we are supposed to do. We do things that are not modeled for us, while at the same time not doing other things that are modeled.

Why do we do this? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense as followers of Christ to act on what we see in the scriptures?

Some of the things that we do (or fail to do) are simply sin. When we violate what is commanded, we are sinning. Sin is lawlessness.

What about the things that are modeled for us but not commanded? This is where it gets a bit more difficult. Are we free to do what we don't see in the bible or not do what we do see (as long as it's not commanded)? Or, must we follow the scriptural model?

I have what may seem to be a simplistic answer. Despite this, I believe it is a good idea. Let's follow both what is commanded and what is modeled in scripture (in areas of life with any theological significance). When we do this, we can be certain that we are correct in what we are doing.

When we venture outside what is modeled, the best we can say is that we don't know whether or not we are correct. We might be pleasing God, but we might not. We simply cannot know.

Is that good enough? Is not knowing if we are pleasing God - either as individuals or as the church - acceptable? How can that be good enough?

Let's do what we know is pleasing to God. How? Follow what's commanded and modeled for us. It really is that simple.


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