Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Instruction Manual?

When discussing the church and the scriptures, I've heard this objection given in various ways, "The New Testament is not meant to be an instruction manual for church life." Hmmm...

The good folks over at Participatory Church Gatherings have dealt well with this issue. I encourage you to take a look.


Aussie John said...


Your comment regarding the common objection brings back to mind something from 30 years back. I was teaching a Scripture class at a boys College.

One of the boys said to me, "Sir. You are the first pastor we've had who used the Bible as an instruction manual for life". I agree with your "Hmmm..."

Eric said...


You must have seemed odd compared to all the "regular pastors" down there. Praise the Lord for that!

Aussie John said...


Believe you me,I was never allowed to forget just how odd, only a Reformed Baptist from the USA, who was ministering nearby thought I was "normal" :) .