Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Religious Ignorance

Sigh. Although I'm not particularly surprised by this news, I'm still disappointed. According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Forum, Americans are basically ignorant about religion. What disturbs me, however, is specifically that American Christians generally seem ignorant about Christianity.

Why the ignorance within the church? I believe it is due to a failure of discipleship. Information such as this ought to spur us to ask questions about the effectiveness of the way we disciple others and whether or not we need to make significant changes.


Aussie John said...


"I believe it is due to a failure of discipleship."

My thoughts exactly! Emphasis has been on filling pews with converts rather than making disciples.

As different as chalk and cheese!

Gordon said...

Eric, the question that comes to mind is are these pew setters really converts? If we are true converts would not we thirst for God Word and his revealed will and get imersed in his word. The HS would teach us the meaning the word and diciple us. Or do we today put either to much emphasis or to little in the work of the HS. Anyway, I would love to hear your definition of decipleship as that would be relevant. In the Masters service,

Eric said...

John and Gordon,

Real discipleship is the key. After all, that is what we are commanded to do at the end of Matthew - "Make disciples."

There is certainly a sense in which the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth. Ultimately, anything good that comes in our lives comes as a gift from God. However, we are also to be actively involved in making disciples. I believe we do this most effectively when we share life with others. Discipleship is much more than information transfer. It is modeling for others what a life given to Christ looks like. Let me also say this: we should be in situations where others are making disciples out of us. This is where mutual edification comes into play. As we gather as the church and edify one another, we all grow up together into Christ. This, I believe, is discipleship.

A. Amos Love said...


Can't seem to find "discipleship" in my antiquated KJV.

Gordon said...

Thank You for clarifying. I agree theat we always need to be proactive looking for the opportunity. This is the part of the Great Commission that often gets overlooked. The second part of teaching to obey is just as important and the first. They work together, one without the other becomes not effective.
This is one place the church of today lets people down. As you say we should always be learning as diciples (students). We are apostles (sent out). So our life as believers is twofold. We all need a mentor in or walk. Thanks again for clarifying. Yours in the humble service of our Lord.

Alan Knox said...


Did you take the quiz? You can. It's online. There are 15 questions, and actually very few if any have anything to do with being a disciple of Jesus.


Eric said...


I tried to take it the other day, but at about the half-way point it said they were having technical difficulties.