Saturday, September 25, 2010

Church Destroyed?

This news article from Voice of the Martyrs is entitled "Church Destroyed." What a poor choice of words.

This local church in India is facing persecution and suffering, but it was only a building that was actually destroyed. This faulty title betrays the common, unbiblical idea that a building is a church.

The church is people.


Aussie John said...


If only the reporter knew how indestructible the Church truly is!

Eric said...


Amen to that!

Eric said...

I have noticed VOM do this on occasion. It always strikes me as strange for them because of some of the ministries they have like the pastor support program, which they go to some length to explain that the person you sponsor may not be a "seminary trained pastor" with a building of any kind, or bibles unbound where you are sending bibles to essentially Christians in hiding. They know the buildings aren't required, so it bothers me when they use a story like this one to generate support - or maybe I should say the choice of words.

Eric said...


I like your name.

I generally like most of what VOM does. This particular headline just surprised me. I'm not sure why they chose it. Maybe they were writing quickly and didn't really think it through. I figured that I would point it out as a good reminder for us all.