Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Saw These in a Bookstore Last Night

I saw these two products in Books-A-Million last night. I realize I wasn't in a Christian bookstore (we mainly went there for the coffee); nevertheless, these two items were disturbing.

The first was some sort of journal that mixes bible and government in a sickening manner. It almost suggests that the President will do the hearing, forgiving, and healing:

The second was even worse. Since the book was enclosed in plastic, I couldn't see if had the real biblical text with heretical "study" notes, or if it was just a regular book that used the word "bible" to catch people's attention. Either way - yuck:


Aussie John said...


I second your "Yuk!"

I did a little research on two of the authors, Wattle and Hill. At a quick glance they would fit well in the religion of Oprah.

Double "Yuk!"

Eric said...


False teaching continues to be alive and well.