Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The Prince's Poison Cup"

R.C. Sproul has written an excellent allegorical story for children entitled The Prince's Poison Cup. Only about 35 pages long and including wonderful illustrations, this book would be a good choice for kids of all ages.

This story is a clear allegory to the story of salvation in the bible. In The Prince's Poison Cup, we read of a great king who has a wonderful relationship with the people he has created. In his park, he has placed a fountain that he has commanded them not to drink from. However, after being enticed by the king's archenemy, the people disobey and drink anyway. Their hearts immediately turn to stone and they move away from the king to the City of Man.

The allegory continues with the king sending his son, the prince, to the City of Man to drink from a poisonous fountain located there. The prince obeys, knowing that he will die. After he dies, the great king resurrects him. At the same time, the fountain's poison is transformed into pure water. All the people of the city are invited to drink from the new fountain. Everyone who drinks is restored to a close relationship with the king.

This book would make a nice gift for any child.

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