Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Celebrating Biblical Feasts"

Isn't it strange that we celebrate Christmas and Easter even though we have no biblical reason for doing so? At the same time, we basically ignore the different feasts that are, in fact, in the bible. For those of us who cry "Sola Scriptura," this is a strange inconsistency.

I'm not suggesting that we have to celebrate the biblical feasts. Rather, I'm encouraging it. They add a richness to our understanding of the scriptures in general and Christ's mission in particular. Just last month our church family celebrated a Passover Meal together. We all enjoyed it very much.

My guess is that many of us may want to celebrate at least some of the feasts, but we do not know where to begin. Let me suggest a resource.

Celebrating Biblical Feasts in Your Home or Church is an excellent resource to help anyone get started. The book's subtitle says, "Experience the New Testament Significance of Old Testament Celebrations."

Each of the seven chapters focuses on one of the primary feasts of Israel: Sabbath, Passover, First Fruits, Pentecost, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Tabernacles. This book is an easy read, it describes the theology behind the feasts, and it provides clear details as to what to do and what you will need.

Why not get the book and try a feast?


jessica_auner said...

hey did you know the Booths feast is coming up? July 15th I think. that's that cool family build a tent one. Might be fun...

Eric said...


I'm not sure when Booths is on the calendar. I thought it was after Yom Kippur, which is in September. Regardless, it would be fun to stay in a booth - especially after the weather cools off!