Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keep Asking Questions

If we dare think about what the church is and does, we will undoubtedly have some questions. These questions can be uncomfortable because they will likely challenge the norm. Any time we do this, we will be confronted with whether or not we are willing to change to be more biblical.

The ugly reality is that if we ask questions about the church, there will be some people who will not welcome these questions. Questions necessarily imply that some things are up for change. The people who do not want change will likely try to avoid the questions or outright reject their legitimacy. Sadly, this often comes from leaders within the church who like things the way they are.

So what should we do? My encouragement to you is to keep asking questions.

We must keep in mind that the way we go about asking questions related to the church is important. May we all, myself included, ask in a loving, humble manner. May the goal be the increasing biblical nature of the church and the edification of the entire body.

We may feel very alone as we ask. Much like the red figure in the above graphic, we may be surrounded by many people who feel comfortable going along with the status quo. Let that not discourage you.

Always look to the scriptures for your answers. Even if no one else is willing to seek the truth, keep seeking it.

Find others, if possible, who are at least willing to begin looking for answers with you. We are most effective in discovering biblical truth in community, so do it with others whenever possible.

Do not accept answers that are based on tradition. Do not accept answers based on human reasoning and/or experience.

Do not accept answers that imply that you should stop asking and just accept "the way things are." Never accept an answer that suggests that you just don't understand and need to trust those in positions of authority.

Keep asking.


jessica_auner said...

I just want to say for the record. Thank You for your blog and your open quest for Sola Scriptura. Ya'll are great friends to have on this journey of life.

Eric said...


I'm glad this blog is helpful. I enjoy putting my thoughts down and interacting with others about them. It helps me a lot as well. As for the journey, it is certainly an interesting one. We all have to keep pressing back to the bible in all things. It is exciting.

Jeffrey said...

Excellent post as always Eric. I would only urge your readers, so they are not surprised, to consider the cost. There will be a cost, but it is well worth it

Eric said...


Thanks for that cogent reminder. I've already experienced just a little of it as I've asked some important questions about the church.

Zack said...

Your encouragement is to keep asking questions. If those who have the power to implement change don't want to hear, what good does it do to ask?

Joel Spencer said...

People are out there who are looking for the real and are not satisfied with "church" as most know it. They may be needles in haystacks, but the Good Shepherd will lead all who hear His voice into His field - where the little flock dwell. The Body absolutely must forsake Her own desires and preferences and ask questions if She’s ever to mature together in unity.

Eric said...


I'm sure it can be frustrating to deal with those in leadership positions who do not want to change. It is still good to respectfully ask questions because it forces them to justify why they do what they do. We can hope that God will convict them through His word.

Eric said...


I love the idea of maturing together. We do have to keep asking questions in the hope that this will lead us to be as biblical as we can regarding life and the church. It is uncomfortable, but necessary.