Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back Home

We arrived safely home a few hours ago. I was again reminded of the providence of God. On the way, we drove through five separate thunderstorms. Any of these could have sent us off the road, but God brought us through them with little problem. Additionally, we were almost driven off the interstate by a distracted driver who decided to wander into our lane. Our tires hit the shoulder at about 70 or so miles per hour. It was quick, but also frightening. God, again, preserved us. We thank Him for His great grace.

As for the 2010 Ligonier Conference in Orlando, I guess the best way to sum things up is this: mixed emotions. I'll blog more on this over the next few days. For now, let's just say that the academic/intellectual side of the teaching was great. However, the application/missional aspect was lacking. I love Reformed theology, but after a while it can get old and dull unless we discuss how to impact the world while depending on God's sovereignty.

The time with my family was great. I thank the Lord for that.

We had no internet access for our time there. That made for a nice, forced mini-break from blogging.

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