Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Reminder That Sin Has Consequences

Look at that poor guy's face. He knows he's about to get tased.

I have loved the Philadelphia Phillies since I was a small child. I've remained a fan despite many losing seasons. I'm thrilled that the Phillies are in the middle of a renaissance.

Over the years there has always been one constant when it comes to the Phillies. Their fans are some of the craziest and most difficult in all of sports. Ask anyone. This is not an overstatement. Last night lived down to that reputation. A 17-year-old male (pictured scared above) ran onto the field. Why did he do this? I have no idea. He probably just wanted to get on TV. I doubt he knew that he would get tased. Just watch below:

This is a simple reminder to all of us that sin has consequences. The consequences may not be immediate such as in the above video, but in the end we will not get away with it. Let's think about this the next time we are tempted to sin.

Let's also be amazed that Jesus Christ took the eternal consequences of His followers' sins upon Himself on the cross. Praise be to God!

By the way, that kid will probably soon be putting one of these bumper stickers on his car:


Aussie John said...



Without taking away from the fact that he did something very foolish, breaking a rule which is designed to protect players and civil order, using the tazer is like swatting a fly with a shot gun.

We must be a little more civilized Down Under, the tazer can only be used in a life threatening situation.

Eric said...


I agree that this is an example of overkill. I think this stems from way back to the Monica Seles stabbing in 1993. Ever since then, security has been beefed-up. Then the 2001 attacks on 9/11 changed everything, too. I'm just glad this kid didn't get seriously hurt.