Monday, May 10, 2010

No Protestants on the Supreme Court? No Big Deal

This morning President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to be the next justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. If she is confirmed, which will most likely take place, there will be no Protestants on the court. The court will be made up of six Catholics and three Jews.

I'm sure this development will concern some Protestants. They will complain that since our country is composed of mostly Protestants, the court should be representative of this.

Frankly, I see this as no big deal. I'm not concerned a bit.

The reason is that my citizenship is in heaven. As Christians, we don't rely on the supreme court to take care of us or defend us. In fact, we should expect persecution and a lack of "rights." When a secular government approves of what the church is doing, there is probably something wrong with the church.

On top of this, we know that God is sovereign over all things, including the selection of supreme court justices. We may not understand or approve of the appointment, but we can trust God that He is in control of it.

There is simply no point in Christians worrying about what happens in politics. Being involved in the process is one thing, but worrying about it is something all together different.

Let's look to Christ for leadership, and let the politicians do whatever they are going to do.

God governs my life, not the supreme court.

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