Monday, May 3, 2010

Who's On Your Blogroll?

If you have a blog (and you should), you most likely have a blogroll.

I keep my blogroll where it is so I can keep track of what various bloggers are discussing. My blogroll is purposely eclectic in order to be challenging to what what I believe. It would be terribly boring if everyone on your blogroll either agreed with you all the time or always wrote about what you write about.

I've been stretched a GREAT deal by many of the articles and posts I've read from those on my blogroll. Stretching is not comfortable; however, it is usually good.

Do all your favorite blogs fall into the same category? If they do, you may be in danger of not being able to see outside of a tunnel of your own making.

My encouragement to you is to read at least some blogs that will challenge what you believe and how you live. Some of the bloggers below hold various positions I disagree with in areas of theology, the church, pastoral ministry, the family, interaction with culture, education, worship, missions, etc. Despite our disagreements, I still enjoy reading what they have to say.

When you read people you disagree with, this actually helps in the area of unity. The reason is as follows. When you read about a position (whatever it is) and the reasoning behind it, you are more likely to understand why the person came to their conclusion. In doing this, their position will probably seem much more reasonable to you than it did before. Additionally, you may learn that what they believe and what you believe are less different than you thought. Most important, you will probably come to the conclusion that the existing differences are not at all worth dividing over (unless they are a gospel issue itself).

Here are the blogs on my blogroll and the main categories they fit into (many fit into more than one category, but for the sake of this post, I'm limiting them to one):








Scripture Zealot said...

If I had a blogroll, I'd add you to it. I don't for various reasons. I did mention you on a post today though.

Eric said...


Thanks for the mention on your blog. I appreciate it.

I also appreciate it when anyone intelligently discusses the case for biblical creationism.