Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Beach Time

A few days ago I took Mary and Bobby to the beach. We had a great time together enjoying God's creation. Mainly, we either played in the ocean or built a sand castle. It was great just to be able to spend time together. Since Alice and Caroline could not come, we have decided to all visit the beach again next week. Time with family should be treasured.


KeeperatHome said...

Sean and I have never been beach-goers, but we do feel it would be fun for the children. One concern is not only our children's modesty (we can take care of that), but the modesty (or lack thereof) of those around us -- Italian beaches, need I say more? However, it looks like you all picked a great time to go, when there weren't any big crowds around. Was that intentional? I'm glad you had fun!
In Christ, Talya

Eric said...


There is no doubt that it is difficult. There are some places at Tybee that are usually fairly sparse in population. Also, we like to go during the week when we can. In the end, however, there are always some people dressed inappropriately. I suppose this goes back to being in the world but not of it. That remains a struggle.