Friday, October 23, 2009

Racing Today

The day has finally arrived.

After several months of jogging/running/training, I will run in my first race later today. To be completely accurate, this is my first race in nearly five years. That race was a marathon; this one is only a 10K.

The entire reason I got back into racing in the first place was to provide motivation to run. Over the years I have, like many of us, gradually packed on extra pounds. The trigger for this came one day when a lady who hadn't seen me in a while said, "You've put on a few pounds since the last time I saw you." That was it.

Since early June I have been trying to get back into shape. I've dropped a few pounds (not as many as I would have liked) and feel much better. Today is a sort of day-of-reckoning. I'm going into the race with low expectations, simply hoping to finish and feel good while doing it. I'm mentally prepared to see the high school participants leave me in the dust.

I'll update you after the race.

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