Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Atheist Ads in New York

A few atheistic groups will be putting advertisements in New York City subway stations beginning next week (read full article here).

Hmmmm. I wonder what God thinks about this.


Nathan Weyer said...

A related question would then be, what does God think about all the religious ads plastered everywhere in this country... since by definition the vast majority are going to be for the wrong religion.

Eric said...


Interesting question.

Since God will be thinking about it, we can rule out atheism as being true.

As for which religion is true, we have to look to an objective source. I'll take the bible since it is the only religious book with fulfilled prophecy.

As for what God specifically thinks about religious ads, I don't know. It would probably be much more helpful to use the money spent on signs to instead give to the poor and needy.

Bill said...

Why are you wondering? When it comes to who God hates (muslims, gays, liberals) you people seem to know like he/she/it whispered it into your ear.

Its good to see religion having a quiet death. Its about time we as a species remove this yoke that has been the cause of so much needless death, not to mention creating a tool for the power hungry to manipulate people who believe in the fables on an ancient desert dwelling people.

Good riddance to God.

Bill said...

Oh and you could feed a lot more people if you sold the vatican.

Eric said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog.

The bible tells us that all people have rebelled against God, who is holy. I certainly have rebelled. Because of this, we all deserve eternal separation from God. However, the bible also tells us that God is loving. Because of this, God sent His Son (Jesus Christ) to die on a Roman cross 2000 years ago. He died to pay for our rebellion (sin). Three days later Jesus miraculously rose from the dead. His resurrection was eye-witnessed by over 500 people.

The bible clearly tells us that if we will turn from our sin (repent) and place our faith (trust) in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we will be saved. This salvation brings peace and comfort now along with eternal life in heaven with God. The bible is clear that anyone can be saved. After salvation, they must trust in God to help them live according to biblical standards.

I highly encourage you to read the bible for yourself to see what it says.

As for the Vatican, I agree. It should be sold. However, since I'm not Catholic I have nothing to do with that.

Bill said...

I will be 39 Years old next week. I have been a seeker of truth my whole life, and I can tell you freind, there is no truth to any of what you posted above. The tale you just told, not only makes no sense, it pre-dates the object of your worship (Jesus) by several thousand years.

I have read the bible, more than once. I have also studied every organized religion on this planet. But that means nothing. What matters is one ability to embrace Reason and Logical thought. If you reject these things you reject your humanity and are lost. You leave yourself open to being controlled by others.

You have much to do with that. If you perpetuate a lie that causes harm, you are part of the problem.

Eric said...


I'm glad you have read the bible.

I have also studied many other organized religions. I have found truth in only one - biblical Christianity.

I also believe in the importance of reason and logical thought.

In support of my position, I offer a book that has been shown to be true throughout history.

I've never heard any convincing evidence that God does not exist. Just because someone says, "God is a fairytale or dream," that is not evidence.

What evidence do you have to support your position?

Additionally, how can you or anyone else have enough knowledge to say for certain that God does not exist?

Bill said...

When I say God - I am talking about the man made faith you follow. I believe that there is something out there that would fall under the definition of a Creator of the Universe. But I do not believe that this Creator is a conscious entity, but rather a complex particle or form of energy we have yet to understand.

You will never hear convincing evidence for God not existing because you do not have an open mind. Your Faith denies you your open mind. That right there is the first piece of evidence that your faith is ill placed.

Then your faith asks you to deny your logical mind and reason to except an impossible story.

Then finally, you are told to look at non believers as objects of scorn, pity or wrath, depending on which lie you believe.

And at the end we are left with nothing to talk about because everything that is capable of freeing your mind is being held hostage.

Eric said...


I'm glad to hear that you are not an atheist.

You wrote, "Your Faith denies you your open mind." The problem is that this is a statement with no evidence to support it. You have out of hand assumed that my mind is closed because I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

You also wrote, "you are told to look at non believers as objects of scorn, pity or wrath." When I look at a non-believer, I see a person in need of God. I am taught to love all people regardless of belief system.

I still don't see any evidence presented against biblical Christianity.

You wrote, "But I do not believe that this Creator is a conscious entity, but rather a complex particle or form of energy we have yet to understand." You are willing to believe in something you don't understand. That seems to require a great deal of faith.