Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Just Do Something"

This is a book worth buying and reading. In fact, you should purchase one for yourself and two for friends. It is that good.

In Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung tackles the difficult issue of discerning God's will. He challenges the idea that we, as Christians, should delay making significant decisions in life because we are waiting for some sort of word from God. DeYoung thoughtfully discusses God's will of decree (which is biblical), God's will of desire (which is biblical) , and God's will of direction (which we wish was biblical and act as if it is biblical, but is not, in fact, biblical).

DeYoung says that Christians should begin making significant decisions now. After praying for wisdom, seeking godly counsel, and seeking to be transformed by the word of God, we should quite simply do something for the Lord.

In fact, as long as our desires and actions are pleasing to God, we should begin living now. We have no reason to think that waiting and waiting is somehow spiritually mature.

This book is short (128 pages), inexpensive (about $8.00), and very enjoyable to read. Buy it.

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Aussie John said...


Haven't read the book, but think I would agree.

I have long used the analogy of a motor vehicle: Whilst it's engine is stopped and not in gear it won't move and cannot be steered. The same applies to a static Christian.