Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When Service Gets in the Way of The Service

My plan for today was to get a lot of work done. I hoped to plan for tonight's prayer meeting and get a large part of my Sunday sermons completed.

Today has not gone according to plan. Several different folks have shown up needing something to eat from our church food pantry. One person in our church just needed to talk. Also, the phone has not stopped ringing with people needing different things. And it is not even noon yet.

Part of me is tempted to say, "I just can't get anything accomplished today." That is quite a sad perspective.

Our goal as followers of Jesus Christ should be to follow His example as closely as possible. He was the ultimate servant.

I can remember several places in scripture where Jesus fed people. I can remember many places in the bible where Jesus took time for people (especially those who society says are "down-and-out").

I can't remember places in scripture where Jesus planned a prayer meeting or prepared a sermon in advance.

I'm not suggesting that it is wrong to prepare for a service, but if we want to be like Jesus, we will certainly put service before the service.

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