Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is God Doing in Your Life?

Something wonderful happened as our church family gathered for prayer meeting earlier this week. After we sang a couple of hymns, I asked a simple question, "What is God doing in your life?" (I must give credit to my friend Alan for asking me this question in the past.)

The response was tremendous.

One man who was recently saved started things off by telling about how God has rescued him from worldly addictions and has filled him with joy, passion, and hope.

An older lady spoke about God's giving her, after much prayer, relief from her chronic physical pain.

Another woman let us know about her weekend with her family, and her realization more than ever that she needs to pray in earnest for them to come to know Christ.

One mother among us talked about how joyous she is that God has brought her back to church, and has also recently given her the strength to stop smoking.

A sweet senior citizen spoke about how God has given him the fortitude to endure losing most of his sight and some of his motor ability in one of his hands.

A lady discussed her changed attitude toward her sister who is living in open sin. She was able to recently have some reconciliation with her. She wants to see her sister as Jesus sees her.

During all this, I just stood at the front of our little chapel quietly thanking God and trying not to mess it up with too many words of my own.

This was an unexpected (at least from my perspective) time of sweet sharing between brothers and sisters in Christ. The transparency was a relief. No one seemed to be trying to impress anyone else.

The best part is that I'm certain Jesus Christ was magnified. The reason for this is that He was given all the credit for what is happening in these people's lives.

I'd like to give more time to this type of testimony, both during prayer meetings and during worship services. Tradition has a nasty way of preventing this sort of thing, but I hope in time that we can share openly with one another on a regular basis during our gatherings.

Praise God for what He does in our lives!

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