Monday, March 14, 2011

House Church - Series Summary

To summarize this series, I'm a house church advocate because I believe it is the best model of church life. This is grounded in my belief in the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of scripture.

Jesus Christ, as Head of His church, has shown us all we need to know in the bible to live as His church in a manner that pleases Him. The house church strives to actively live out what is commanded, what is shown in principle, and what is modeled for the church in the scriptures.

Click below to read any of the posts from this series on the house church:

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House Church - Series Summary


Anonymous said...

This has been a great series brother. Well done.


Jason_73 said...

Thanks for combining these posts Eric. I was hoping you would so I can access this series as a resource.

It must be cathartic to be able to express in writing all the wonderful things the Spirit of God has been teaching you through His word and others.

Thanks again!

Eric said...

Thank you Mike.

In saying all I have said, my goal was to help folks understand what I think about the house church. However, I don't want people to think that I think all other forms of church life are bad, evil, wrong, sinful, etc. It can be a struggle to compare and contrast without condemning. I hope I achieved that most of the time.

Eric said...


Thanks. Please use it as a resource. I plan to as well. I hope it gives clarity to some folks as they think through these issues.

God bless!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the House Church Series. Helpful!

Eric said...


I'm glad it was helpful. Please feel free to use/reproduce anything that will be of benefit. God bless!