Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Positive Acts Series Summary

The book of Acts is a great gift to the body of Christ. We learn a tremendous amount about how the Holy Spirit works through Christians to accomplish God's purposes. We see both the good and the bad. We can apply much of it directly to our lives.

In this short blog series I've looked at various positive situations in Acts. My desire was two-fold. First, I simply wanted to write about positive things. Second, I love the book of Acts. It's really that simple. My hope is that you have benefited from it. I've included all of the posts below:

Positive Acts
Positive Acts - A Promise with Orders
Positive Acts - Wham!
Positive Acts - Some Sweet Fellowship
Positive Acts - Praying With the Right Priorities
Positive Acts - Not A Needy Person Among Them
Positive Acts - It Pleased the Whole Gathering
Positive Acts - For Gentiles, Too!
Positive Acts - Mission Matters, Race Doesn't
Positive Acts - Now That's How To Do It!
Positive Acts - A Little Help
Positive Acts - On Fleeing Naked and Wounded
Positive Acts - Gathered Together to Break Bread
Positive Acts - Hospitality Anyone?

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