Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Linking: "The Celebrity Pastor Factory"

Skye Jethani has written a bold article entitled The Celebrity Pastor Factory. The author discusses the way in which publishing companies have an unhealthy influence on the rise of certain pastors to positions of celebrity within the church.

The money quote:

In summary, the rise and fall of any celebrity pastor is merely a symptom of an underlying malady within American evangelicalism. Why are there now so many celebrity pastors? Because they generate a lot of revenue for the Evangelical Industrial Complex. Why do these pastors fall with such regularity? Because the Evangelical Industrial Complex uses a business standard rather than a biblical standard when deciding which leaders to promote.

Throughout the piece the author explains how what he refers to as the Evangelical Industrial Complex drives the growing trend that is celebrity pastors. At the conclusion of the article he offers three suggestions for what we can do about this mess.

I encourage you to read Jethani's post. He has a perspective on this subject that I had not previously read.

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Tim A said...

Sky does not realize that the EIC is merely a flesh extension of every local church that will consume 84% of their giving to buy a weekly Bible lecture from their local celebrity. He is right about the EIC but does not see it's roots. Anyone who does not care about the root corruption will not care about the EIC. They will think it is the "blessing of the Lord". Every seminary is a celebrity pastor factory.