Saturday, November 7, 2015

Finished the Race

The marathon is over. After months of training, the big event has come and gone. Although I have mixed emotions about this, it is certainly nice to have accomplished my goals. This morning before the race I hoped to: 1) finish, 2) have fun, 3) not walk, and 4) finish in less than four hours. All goals met!

The complicating factor this morning was the heat and humidity. It was an unseasonably hot day here in Savannah. The high temperature hit 86 degrees, with humidity above 90 percent. It was rough. I drank water and Gatorade like a fiend. Because of the weather conditions the race organizers made the wise decision to shorten the race. I ended up running about 24 miles total. Oh well.

One runner actually died today, but I do not know if the heat played a part. That's a good reminder that these long runs are serious events.

Back in February I set this race as a concrete goal to motivate me to lose weight. It worked. The weight is off and the race is complete. Now it's time to rest and relax my aching muscles.

I thank God for providing me with this opportunity. In many ways the marathon was a culmination of a significant life change: becoming healthy physically.

(That's me to the left post-race wearing my finisher's jacket and bling.)

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Vascularity777 said...

Congratulations brother! I work out daily to a pleasurable, unbalanced extreme. I like the lifestyle.

For upper body consider purchasing a Concept Two, Model D, Rower. I've been using one for about 15 years, along with a recumbent bike and weights. If you lived in Az. I'd invite you over to work out. Two of us believers together would comprise a church??