Monday, September 15, 2014

"What We're For" to the Publisher!

I am thrilled to announce that I've sent my final edited copy of What We're For to Redeeming Press for publishing. This is both a joy and a relief. Editing twenty-five chapters is indeed a challenge. While the process was enjoyable, it was also taxing. Sometimes I felt as if I couldn't see straight.

The best part of editing this book was simply getting to read the chapters. It is fascinating to see what different Christ-followers believe about the church. While all of the contributors agreed on some basic principles (simplicity being one of them), the specifics varied widely. This book is a type of anthology; it is by no means monolithic.

Thank you so much for praying for me. I am very much looking forward to the final product.

Now the book is in Jeremy Myers' hands. His goal is to have it published sometime this fall.

I will give updates as What We're For nears completion.

Jeremy's and my hope is that God will use this book to bring about understanding, conversation, and increased unity within His body.


Jeremy Myers said...

The compiling and typesetting process has begun! I am going to really dig into it this week.

Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Eric said...


I'm really looking forward to seeing it in print. If you need to change anything please feel free. I trust your judgment.

Randi Jo :) said...

yay!! :)

Eric said...

Thanks Randi Jo!

Steve Scott said...

I haven't read a book in a while. This should be good.