Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is This a Joke?

While I know that this is not a joke, it sure seems like one.

The add basically invites you to spend hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars on a comfortable cruise around the Caribbean while listening to theological lectures. Could Christianity be made to seem any cushier?

The scriptures tell us that life with Christ will often be difficult. We may have to suffer due to our affiliation with Jesus. Many Christians around the world today have great struggle in their lives on a regular basis. Meanwhile, those of us with money are expected to share it with those who have little.

In light of these things, how can a comfy theology cruise be justified? While the truths taught during the theology lectures will probably be solid, the very existence of this cruise conveys something else. It says that living for Jesus is easy and fun. Frankly, this cruise appears dangerously similar to what the prosperity gospel teaches.



Aussie John said...

So say all of us!

Arthur Sido said...

Ironically that same group is always sending out appeals for donations. Maybe they should focus less on luxury cruises and more on reaching the lost?

Eric said...


I agree. The irony oozes out of this ridiculous situation. They clearly either cannot see or do not see it. It is a comedy of the absurd and a tragedy at the same time.

Norm M. said...

The theme is "Christ's call to endure persecution." I have no heartburn with folks that want to go on a cruise, but this is ridiculous.