Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Big News: "What We're For"

My big news is that Jeremy Myers and I are putting together a book entitled What We're For.

The book idea was originally Jeremy's and is based on a blog post I wrote a while back. Our purpose is to compose a decidedly positive book about simple church life. We hope What We're For generates discussion and understanding among the broader body of Christ. I will serve as the editor while Jeremy is the publisher.

We're using the structure of the original blog post as a basis for the table of contents (the book will have 25-30 chapters). Jeremy and I are excited about the list of contributors. Most contributors will be writing one chapter each; a few will write two. This is our list so far (in alphabetical order by last name):

Edwin Aldrich
Bobby Auner
Stephanie Bennett
Alice Carpenter
Eric Carpenter
Bonar Crump
Christopher Dryden
Kathy Escobar
Keith Giles
Chris Jefferies
J. Michael Jones
Travis Klassen
Alan Knox
Miguel Labrador
Chuck McKnight
Guy Muse
Jeremy Myers
Sam Riviera
Will Rochow
Steve Scott
Steve Sensenig
Arthur Sido
Brian Swan
Kathleen Ward

This is quite an eclectic group of writers. Most are bloggers, but not all. We don't all agree with one another on everything (who does?). However, we all love Jesus and his church.

The book is still in the early stages. It should be published sometime this autumn. I'll have much more to say about it as we near that time. Thanks to all those contributing to this project!


Arthur Sido said...

I am excited to be part of this project! I don't recognize some of the names on the list so I am looking forward to being introduced to them.


I would be happy to contribute. Since writing -Was Church God's Idea?- I have continued to explore the boundaries of all thing "Christian". My conclusions about the bible, the foundational organization of the "church" and much more, may be of interest to others.
Marc Winter

Eric said...


Jeremy Myers and I each came up with about one-half of the names. I'm guessing that his suggestions are most of those you haven't heard of. Anyway, I've been impressed with everyone so far in the email contacts I've made. I'm truly looking forward to this entire venture.

Eric said...


Thanks for offering. We've already got the contributors and chapters set. I hope you choose to read the book!

Miguel Labrador said...

I'm honored to be part of this eclectic collective. I'm sure that there have been epochs in my ecclesiastical journey when it has been easier to identify me by what I was against.

I love the title "What we're For," and wait with an optimistic anticipation to read the finished work.

Eric said...


I'm thrilled that you are aboard. I don't know what God will do with this book, but if it honors him in any way and edifies his church then I'm all for it.

Jeremy Myers said...

I am thrilled about this book. You give me too much credit, however. You are the idea man and the editor. I am looking forward to contributing. I am working on my sections right now!

Eric said...



Let's all be in prayer that God will use this book for his honor and for the upbuilding of his church. I think it has great potential.

Done with Religion said...

Very much looking forward to this new book and reading the various authors chapters. Such a good idea of writing about positive things of the Church, the people, rather than the church, the institution.

Eric said...

Done with Religion,

Thank you!

I hope this turns out to be a book that brings about unity through understanding. It has much potential. We'll see what happens!

CTS said...


May I suggest a chapter on the teachings of Philippians 2:1-11?

The example of Christ’s emptying Himself as an example for believers to set aside their perceived rights and regard others as more important than themselves. The outcome of which Paul alludes to as “being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.”

It’s really a very simple model of how Christians should live as the “church.”

My article “The Apostle Paul on Personal Rights and the Gospel” deals specifically with this issue as it pertains to the corporate church.

I would like very much to be considered to write a chapter based on “emptying ourselves.”

Thanks for your consideration.


Eric said...


Your chapter idea certainly has merit. I love the Philippians 2 passage. Paul wants the church to find unity through humility. He tells them how to achieve this and then provides them with the ultimate example of humility - Jesus Christ.

We already have our chapter ideas and contributors set. But thanks for offering!

CTS said...

I apologize for not being more specific about why I came to the conclusion I did about the similarities I see with some current and former pastors and their exclusive fraternity. I want to clarify my reasoning to help you understand where I’m coming from. I contacted several former pastors a while back who blog on the simple church issue about writing a book together. I sent them my credentials and links to some of my writings. Without exception, all were too busy and/or had no interest. Some are on your list. So when I read your post about writing a book with multiple authors and topics I was very excited. Especially when you said the list was of the writers you have “so far.” And concluded by saying that the book was in its “early stages.” You can see how I assumed you may be open to writers and topics at this early stage. But when you posted your response to my offer and suggestion saying, “We already have our chapter ideas and contributors set. But thanks for offering!” it seemed just a little odd and suspect that you had somehow decided on a complete list of topics and writers in a matter of hours since you posted your piece. It kind of felt like a brush-off. As I stated in my previous comment, it also had the same ring and tone I have received from several pastors when I offered similar services to their church ministries. Again, I pray blessings on your endeavor and hope you take this feedback in the love that it is given.

Will Rochow said...

Humbled to be a part and looking forward to reading the contributions of others. Peace.

Eric said...


I can't wait to read your chapter. It is an extremely important one because it shows one of the main characteristics of simple church life. Thanks for writing it.

Bobby Auner said...

I'm humbled and challenged to be writing as a peer on this collaborative work.

Eric said...


I'm so glad that you are a part of this project. And you get to write chapter 1! Looking forward to it.

Randi Jo :) said...

awesome! can't wait to read it.

Chuck McKnight said...

2I'm getting really excited about this project. I can't wait to see it all come together and to read everyone else's chapters. Thank you so much for including me. I'm truly honored.

Eric said...


Thanks for being a part of it. I'm looking forward to it as well. In some ways I'm spoiled because I get to read the compilation of chapters before anyone else does. So far, so good. My hope is that this book will bring about healthy discussion within the body of Christ as a whole.