Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Local Historical Reminder of the Importance of Religious Freedom

Yesterday my son Bobby and I spent a few hours walking around Savannah's historic district. I enjoy doing this every few months in part because I see something new every time. Yesterday was no exception.

Even though the above monument has been in place for about twenty years, yesterday was the first time we saw it (I'm not sure why). Regardless, it is significant because of its reminder of the importance of religious freedom. The monument is dedicated to Protestant Christians who left their homes in the Salzburg area of what is now Austria. They settled a little ways up the Savannah River, just a few years after the founding of the city of Savannah in 1733.

Let's not take our religious freedom for granted. It is one of the best aspects of living in this country.


Aussie John said...

Christians are, today, being driven from their homes and countries on the threat of death.

How many in Western Christianity would surrender their faith, rather than leave or die?

I have a brother in Christ who lives in a country district called Ebenezer , near Brisbane.

Eric said...


That's fascinating. And I agree. Many would cave rather than stand for the gospel. With religious liberty eroding all the time, many more of us may have to face this question in the years ahead. May we stand firm!