Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Does the Universe Look So Old?

I love to hear well thought out, biblical answers to difficult questions. In this video, Dr. Albert Mohler answers why the universe look so old.

This is a question we need to be able to answer in such a way that the world can understand. We must not cave in to those who would say that the universe is millions of years old. If we cave, we also say that death comes before sin. If we accept that, we have a huge theological problem on our hands. Additionally, the straightforward reading of Genesis 1-2 indicates a six 24-hour day creation. When we read other interpretations into Genesis 1-2, we are in effect saying that scripture does not mean what it appears to say. What can we then say about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus?

When you have about an hour, take the time to listen to Dr. Mohler. It will be worth it.


Sonny Davis said...

Great topic, Eric. I can't tell you how much my faith was transformed by the study of this issue. Ministries such as Answers In Genesis and The Institute for Creation Research are invaluable resources for Christians curious about this field. The main "theological problem" of the millions of years (evolution/Theistic evolution) argument, as you so stated so well, is that death would indeed have had to precede sin. That certainly doesn't fit with what the Scriptures SAY.

I believe God's Word settles this issue clearly if we'll just believe and trust it.

Eric said...


I agree with you about Answers in Genesis. I love that ministry. I'm not familiar with the Institution of Creation Research. I'll have to check it out.

On this topic in general, I'm amazed and saddened by how many Christians look to secular science as their absolute authority. They then force scripture to fit what secular science says.

Jeffrey said...

I also recommend the book "starlight and Time" by Russell Humphreys. It's just superb

Jeffrey said...

I neglected to add that "Starlight and Time" seeks to answer another problematic question: "if the stars are so far away, and it takes, in some cases, millions of years for the light to get here, how can the universe be young?" Dr. Humphreys offers his opinion based on observed tenets of physics, some of which have been verified as accurate to the fifth decimal place. The book has several sections, tailored to folks with different levels of mathematical background: the layman, some higher math and those with a mastery of calculus. It's a fantastic book which, in my opinion, does a far better job at answering this question than any other I have read...I was in a hurry earlier...sorry'bout that