Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feeling Blessed?

Life can be very difficult at times - no surprise there. In light of that, it is helpful and encouraging to look to scripture to see how we have been blessed by God in numerous ways. Ephesians 1:3-14 tells us that God has blessed us with "every spiritual blessing." Since this is one of my favorite passages in the bible, I decided to count the spiritual blessings mentioned in this passage. I came up with eighteen! Here they are:

1. God chose (elected) us (1:4).

2. God caused us to be in Him - Jesus (1:4).

3. God made us holy (1:4).

4. God caused us to be without blame (1:4).

5. God did this in love for us (1:4).

6. God predestined us (1:5).

7. God adopted us (1:5).

8. God accepted us (1:6).

9. God redeemed us (1:7).

10. God forgave our sin (1:7).

11. God has caused His grace to abound toward us (1:8).

12. God has made known to us the mystery of His will (1:9).

13. God has made us be gathered together in Christ (1:10).

14. God gave us an inheritance (1:11).

15. God gave us faith (1:13).

16. God made us hear the gospel (1:13).

17. God sealed us with His Holy Spirit (1:13).

18. God guaranteed our inheritance (1:14).

When we keep these overflowing spiritual blessings in mind, it makes it much easier to make it through the hard times in life.

Our only appropriate response to these blessings is to, as Paul says, "praise the glory of His grace."


Aussie John said...


If only those who claim to belong to Him would focus on these points, and that it is ALL of Him who loved us.

Eric said...


It is all of grace! Praise the Lord!

Scott said...

Brother Eric,
I just started preaching through Ephesians and this is a great analysis of this opening sentence which follows Paul's greeting (v.1-2).
What is interesting is discovered that this entire section (v.3-14) is just one long Greek sentence. I'm also excited about Paul's repeated emphasis of the phrase “in Christ” and "in Him". To know that God has has blessed us with every spiritual blessing, in eternity past, by Christ and all according to his predestined plan - that's shoutin material right there !!! Brother Scott ><>

Eric said...


I'm glad to hear that you are preaching through Ephesians. What a wonderful letter it is! I agree with you about Paul's emphasis on Christ. All blessings come through His grace. Good stuff.