Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One "Little" Issue

One of the great things about Christianity is that God has answered all of life's important questions for us. He has spoken clearly to us in the bible.

I find it both fascinating and sad that secular evolutionists are lacking the answer to a very important question related to their worldview. Evolution answers, so they believe, how life transforms over time. However, evolution does not answer how life began.

Secular evolutionists would like this to seem like a ''little issue." Their difficulty is that it is a very significant issue. They do not know anything about the very beginning of what they believe. They don't know how it started. This is a basic, fundamental, foundational issue for any belief system. When it comes to what began the evolutionary process, some will say that it all started with a "Big Bang". However, a bang, no matter how big, needs something to start it. Secular evolutionists have no idea what started it.

I enjoy watching Ben Stein's movie Expelled. In this film, Stein discusses the problem that within the secular university system any discussion of anything other than evolution (such as Intelligent Design) has basically been outlawed. In the movie, Stein interviews several prominent university professors who are secular evolutionists. I will never forget Stein asking one of them how life began here on earth. The professor, with a straight face no less, told Stein that life began "on the backs of crystals." I'm not making this up.

Stein was incredulous. So am I. That answer amounts to a non-answer.

The reality is that secular evolutionists want to avoid this question because they understand its significance. If they have no answer, then the remainder of their belief system crumbles. They have been building a house of cards.

I'm thrilled that God has told us very clearly how life began. He answers this basic, profound question in Genesis 1:1, saying, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." That is an answer that makes a lot of sense. It is actually quite easy to believe that an all-powerful being created things as they are. In fact, it is the only logical answer.

God goes on to further explain His creation in the remainder of Genesis chapters 1-2. He answers all the questions we need to know. He leaves nothing out that is important.

Let's be thankful that God has provided us with answers to life's basic questions. Let's live in such a way that others will want to know why we believe what we believe. Then we may give them the answers God provides.


Jeffrey said...

It's interesting too, how many readily observable phenomena militate against the secularist's view of origins. I'll pick just one: No force known to man could have converted the possible post-big-bang trajectories of matter from their initial states to the intricate combinations of rotational and angular momentum in the observable universe today. They need...wait for it...a "miracle", to explain the universe as it now moves.

It puzzles me how evolutionists appeal to science to "prove" they are more worthy of trust than creationists, when they continually violate the rules of science to force their belief system on the public. There are multitudes of other cases where their views trample on some of the most proven, observable facts of physics, biology, and chemistry. To prop up their low grade hypotheses, they create mythical forces and events that no one has ever observed. What faith they must have; blind faith actually.

No less a physicist than Albert Einstein himself once invented what he called the "Cosmological Constant", because his discoveries implied that the universe had a beginning--up to that point the steady-state view was dominant. He was uncomfortable with the religious implications of a sudden creation (which may require a creator), so he inserted the this constant in his formula to change the result. He later admitted that it was the biggest mistake in his career.

Guess what: this stuff happens all the time in professional "science". They don't get grant money unless they toe the evolutionary line.

I choose to follow the overwhelming evidence and believe in the creator of the Bible.



Surely the more one knows about the universe, the more one must bow to the King of Kings. But no, they suppress the truth and worship literally, nothing.

Eric said...


You wrote, "What faith they must have; blind faith actually." I was thinking the same thing. They show how poor their arguments are by not even allowing open discussion in the university setting. If they really had a good case to make, they would seemingly welcome debate.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of "Expelled" is where Richard Dawkins admits that he is open to the idea that perhaps life on earth was seeded by extraterrestrials. What???!!! Dawkins is more inclined to accept that the origin of life on earth is ET rather than God? Even if that were plausible where does he think the aliens came from? What was THEIR origin? As far as crystals are concerned what was THEIR origin? Keep tracing it back and then eventually someone will say, "The Big Bang." Even if it really was the big bang, where did the materials come from that caused it? Something can't come from nothing.

Eric said...


Right you are. Dawkins does a lot of name calling. It's nice to see him put in his place once in a while.