Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When a Dumpster is Appropriate

Last weekend I had the wonderful chance to spend some time walking around the historic district in Savannah. If you have never visited this city, you must come.

As I was strolling along, looking at parks, old houses, and church buildings, I once again came to this sign, which I have posted about previously. Arrgh. Why must a senior pastor have a special parking space reserved for only him? Doesn't he know that Jesus is the only real senior pastor of the church?

To make matters worse, I realized that this parking space is located immediately in front of a wheel-chair entrance to the building. This means that the disabled folks of the church have to travel farther to the door than does the "senior pastor"!

After seeing the entrance, I was disgusted. That's when I turned and was pleased to see this dumpster. Some construction is going on across the street, so a large dumpster has been placed right next to the "senior pastor's" parking space. In light of the fact that A) he shouldn't have a special spot, and B) he's making wheel-chair bound people move farther than he does, I'm glad to see that he at least has to park next to a massive garbage container. This is appropriate because garbage is the best way to describe treating a pastor as if he is more important than anyone else in the church.


Aussie John said...


It simply adds to the disgust I felt when reading this: http://www.reformation21.org/blog/2010/03/the-most-broken-vow-of-all.php

Eric said...


I suppose it's no surprise that the author of the Reformation 21 article did not use any scripture to make his argument.