Thursday, March 4, 2010

Please Be Wise When Watching or Reading FOX News

As far as I can tell, most Christians are wise when watching news broadcasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, etc. Christians rightly understand that these are secular networks that show the news through a secular lens. In most cases, some facts will be presented along with some bias. Therefore, we must wear a "mental filter" of sorts.

My great concern is with FOX News. Specifically, I'm scared that far too many Christians are watching FOX with no mental filter. For some reason unknown to me, many followers of Christ act as if FOX News is a Christian channel. It is not! FOX is just as secular as the other networks.

Several years ago, FOX News correctly discerned that many conservative Americans (some Christian and some not), were disgusted with the news presented by the other major networks. FOX, then, made an obvious decision to cater to conservatives. While the other networks lean to the left politically, FOX leans to the right. No doubt there.

FOX also understands that there is a large audience of evangelical Christians in this country. Therefore, FOX presents at least some news that will make Christians watch. FOX wants ratings.

I'm not disgusted with FOX. I'm disgusted with Christians who act like FOX is trying to advance the Kingdom of God.

This problem is a symptom of the larger problem within evangelical Christianity today. That problem is the old "God and country!" problem. It is the problem of the cross wrapped in the American flag. It is the problem that is the gospel of the Republican party. And let's be fair: it's obvious that while the other networks cater to the Democratic party line, FOX spews forth the Republican line.

As followers of Christ, we must be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. No matter what news program we are watching, we must remember that the great agenda and goal of the networks is ratings. FOX wins all the time because while the other networks split the liberal watchers, FOX takes all the conservatives.

We are followers of Jesus alone. He alone must have our allegiance. And, He was not a Republican.

That said, let's think smartly no matter what we are watching. Use your mental filter, which should be based on scripture, no matter the channel. If you are reading news on-line, do the same.

FOX News is not the bible. FOX News is not Christian.

Watcher and reader: be wise.

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