Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Savannah's Secret Gardens

I love living in Savannah.

The best part about residing here is visiting the historic district. While many southern cities lost their historic buildings during the civil war, Savannah's remains. When General Sherman concluded his infamous "March to the Sea," he decided that Savannah was too beautiful to burn.

I enjoy wandering around the historic district, gazing at the old buildings, numerous statues, Live Oaks, Azaleas, and multiple parks. Every time I go downtown I see something new.

One aspect of Savannah that is easy to miss is what I'll refer to as "secret gardens." I'm not talking about the movie from the early 1990's. Rather, I'm describing small, highly cared-for gardens that sit quietly between the various historic residences. Today I took the above photo of a garden I had not seen before (I apologize for the lack of picture quality; I took it with my phone).

The gardens add a tranquil, subtle, and beautiful quality to the city. They are areas where people have spent time in cultivating God's wonderful creation. Not only do the home-owners get to enjoy the scenery, but so do the locals and tourists.

Finding these gardens requires qualities lacking in much of our society. For one thing, our loud and crass society no longer appreciates things that are subtle and quiet. Also, in order to find the various gardens, you actually have to walk. Not so many people want to get out of the car anymore. Lastly, since you can't actually enter many of the gardens, most folks won't want to bother.

These gardens are a reminder of a quieter time when society was much more modest. I look forward to discovering new gardens in Savannah.

Come for a visit.

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