Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Wealth Impairs Delight in Answered Prayer

We all know that our culture seeks ease and comfort. The assumption is that this comes through wealth.

However, wealth brings various complications and problems. Not the least of these is this: wealth impairs delight in answered prayer.

The wealthy, if they are not foolish with their money, always have enough money (at least for their needs, if not their wants). They are not put in a position where they have to pray for God to provide. They have enough on their own, so they do not need God to step in and take care of their needs. Because of this, they lose out on delight that comes when God provides in a mighty way.

For those who are not wealthy (by American standards), there will come various times in life when we have to rely on God to provide. Now, we should of course always rely on God's provision. I'm talking here, however, about those times when we pray to God to meet our needs or they will simply not be met. It is at these times that we tend to pray most fervently. This is also when God is set up to receive the greatest glory.

God provides. God gets the glory and honor. We get to take delight in this.

Alice and I live off of my pastor's salary plus tutoring that she does. We almost always have enough money, but we don't have extra. When there are months when a large need arises (van breaking down, new glasses needed, etc.), we sometimes just plain cannot pay it. When we pray at these times we know that God is going to have to make it happen. He always does. He always comes through.

When God does this, we get the thrill of taking delight in His provision.

The wealthy don't get to do this because they always have enough.

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