Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Amazing What Excites Us

It might snow tonight here in southern Georgia. This doesn't happen very often. In fact, in the ten years we have lived here we have only seen snow twice.

The fascinating thing to me about this is how excited people get over the chance of snow. There is almost a snow giddiness that goes on. People struggle to concentrate. Their conversations focus on little else. Kids learn nothing at school.

It is difficult to describe completely (especially by someone who grew up in western New York State and saw snow all the time), but there is what amounts to a palpable anticipation that frozen moisture is going to fall from the sky tonight.

I'm amazed by what excites us.

As humans, we get excited far too easily. We get excited by the New Year (even though it's just a man-made calendar), the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day (at least here in Savannah), various peoples' birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, the beach, the mountains, a new president, a new TV, a new phone, Christmas (which has no place in the bible), various causes, new blog posts, etc., etc., etc.

We get excited over such human things - such things that matter little.

As Christians, I wonder why we are not more excited about Jesus Christ. Jesus is infinitely more valuable and unique than any made-man idea, concept, invention, or cause. Christ is more powerful, loving, holy, and just than any of these other things. And yet, Christians often act more down-in-the-dumps than secular folks. Instead of excitement, what I often see is boredom and/or depression.

I believe that the world would sit up and notice is followers of Jesus actually seemed excited about Christ. People are attracted when they see passion. All we have to do is look to the fans of Super Bowl teams. Saints and Colts fans sure looked like they were excitedly worshiping during the Super Bowl. And that was just a game!

How about a little excitement in our own lives? How about in our churches as a whole?

Let's act like we know the King of the universe on an intimate level. Let's act like we have been saved. Let's act like we have something real to be excited about.

If New Orleans Saints fans can get excited, then real saints should be uber-excited.

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