Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wal*Mart Strikes Again

A few hours ago my wife was sitting in our van at a red light. With no warning, a Wal*Mart tractor-trailer struck the side of the van. Obviously, this could have been very bad. As the police officer said after the accident, "semis and cars do not go well together."

The van only has a few gashes and a broken side-view mirror.

I thank God that Alice is all right. Aside from being a bit shaken up, she is O.K. A few feet in a different direction, and I could be a widower right now. Praise the Lord for His great providence.

I was reminded again by all this that life is very precious. We should not take even today for granted. God does not consult us as to when our last day is. I pray that I will use each day to honor Him. I thank Him for another day with my wife.

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