Friday, January 29, 2010

What Will They Say at My Funeral?

Tomorrow I have the privilege of speaking at a funeral. An elderly lady and saint (in the biblical sense) who battled Alzheimer's for several years has gone to be with the Lord.

In speaking with her family earlier today, I could sense that this woman was greatly loved. Now, we know that almost every family says nice things about those who have died. However, these folks seemed genuine and could give examples of why she was so loved and admired.

After listening to the family, I need to put together what I'm going to say. I was told that she cherished Psalm 23, so I'll probably speak from that chapter. I'm also, of course, going to talk about this sweet lady.

That got me to thinking about what might be said at my own funeral. People usually talk about how others have impacted their lives in a positive way. Have I done this? (That, by the way, is meant to be somewhat of a rhetorical question). What kind of impact have I made?

This is a tough question to answer. It forces me, or anyone else brave enough, to ask what my life means to others. Do they care what I believe? Maybe. Do they care if I have served them? No doubt.

Beliefs certainly matter. In fact, they matter a great deal. However, I'm guessing that at my funeral people will talk about how I have impacted their lives for the better. This almost always comes in the form of sacrificial service.

I need to get serving.


Scott Reeder said...

I attended a funeral yesterday. As I listened to the preacher I was thinking the exact same thing. What will they say about me? I started to blog on it, but decided rather to blog on behalf of all the people who were praying that he would be healed, and yet God chose not to. Enjoy your blog and thoughts, God Bless.
Brother Scott ><>

Eric said...


Thank you. I'm glad that things seem to be going very well for you up there. God has been amazingly good to both our families over the years. We need to try to get together the next time you make it down this way. God bless!

Raymonde said...

I often speak about my funeral arrangements with my family and they all seem to know what music to play, what reading to make. As to what to say: please as long as you do not use the word "nice" in any of it I feel now since I won't feel then that I have achieved something!!! And if they can remember that my actions were trying to reflect my love for Christ Jesus!

Eric said...


Thanks for you comment. I agree that what is important is what is said about Jesus Christ. He is the reason we can do anything worthwhile.