Saturday, January 2, 2010

If "Evangelical" Means This, Then Count Me Out

A few days ago, I wrote a post entitled If "Evangelical" Means This, Then Count Me In. Today's post is the flip-side to that one.

As is clear from watching the news or just talking with unchurched people, the term evangelical has (sadly) taken on a negative meaning in much of our culture. The primary reason for this is the union between many/most evangelicals and the "religious/political right."

If evangelical means the following (in no particular order), then count me out:

Believing in the truth of scripture but not living it out

Despising sinners (this is an ironic one anyway because we are all sinners)

Expecting the secular culture to act like it is saved

Emphasizing church membership and attendance, but not holy living and community

Stressing the importance of church buildings

Desiring a union between the Kingdom of God and the USA

Wanting the modern state of Israel to wage holy war on its Muslim neighbors (with our help)

Reading tradition into the pages of the bible

Being a card-carrying member of Republican party

Arguing for an anti-abortion position, but doing little for the poor

God, guts, and guns! God, guts, and guns!

Wishing everywhere was culturally the bible belt

Wanting the flag and cross to combine


Aussie John said...


Count me in!

Aussie John said...


I meant"Count me in with you!"

Jeff Nelson said...


Amen brother! Happy New Year!
Trying to imagine Jesus wearing a God, Guts and Guns t-shirt - and failing miserably.


Anonymous said...

Super post, Eric! Email me please, I would like to use this and link you your blog.

Eric said...


I don't think Jesus would feel very comfortable in the bible belt either.

Eric said...


Thank you! Please use it. We need to do all we can to show Christians in this country that the idea of a union between church and state under the cross is not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Eric, Thanks for allowing me to use it. Here is the link: