Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blogger's Block

As the 16 of you who read this blog may be aware, I haven't written much lately. The reason is quite simple: I haven't had anything creative or useful to say. Instead of writer's block, I've had blogger's block.

I refuse to write something just to fill space. If I really thought many of you were hanging on my every word (if you are, please seek professional help soon), I would have splashed something up here for filler. However, that would have wasted your time and mine. There is already far too much out there in the blog world that should not have been posted in the first place.

I'm still blogging, but I've also still got blogger's block. When something worthwhile comes to mind, I'll blog about it. Until that time comes, I won't waste your time. God bless.


Sonny Davis said...


I can relate. There was a time when I felt that I could sit and blog about anything. Probably still could, but I started paying more attention to the substance of what I was writing about. Before I knew it, I rarely blogged anymore. I don't know exactly what that says about why I was writing, but as of late, I have felt a renewed passion. This time, the posts seem much more personal as my wife and I are dealing with some very serious issues with one of my teens.

God bless and I'll keep checking in.


Eric said...


Thanks. I'm glad to hear that this happens to others as well.

I just don't want to waste my time or the time of others. My posts from now on will probably be less frequent, but I hope more worthwhile.

God bless you in your situation.

Eddie Eddings said...

Eric, thanks for your honesty. I have the same problem at times...but, with humor it is much easier. In my other blog, Facets of Grace, I usually just post a great quote with a beautiful photo to go with it. And now that I have learned from another brother that I can schedule my posts in advance, it has been a world of help. My Calvinistic Cartoons is scheduled about 3 weeks in advance. So when I get blogger's block or life hits me between the eyes, I can relax knowing my blog will continue.
Continue reading - that helps.
Carry a small notebook with you for ideas that pop into your brain.
Most of all, commit your blog to prayer...planting seeds by sharing God's Truth is part of our duty and privilege.
Thanks brother for you time and efforts!

Eric said...


Thanks for the encouragement and advice. Blogging is generally a joy, but right now it seems more like work. I agree that reading helps a lot. I also need to pray more about it.