Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a Simplistic Idea

(Another brief venture into the world of politics)

This is a simplistic idea and, I think, a good one. It is not original, but it certainly makes sense to me:

Let's bring our military home now, stop making destructive threats, start having real conversations with other countries, and put more time, effort, and money into securing our own borders.

It seems that we would have learned by now that attacking sovereign nations in the Islamic world (see Afghanistan and Iraq) has done little to nothing to make our nation safer. Now we seem to be headed down the road toward attacking Iran, Yemen, or both. When will this stop? Will we eventually invade every country that contains a few terrorists?

One thing we need to do is decrease the motivation of those who might want to harm our nation. How might we do this? Here's something simple: let's get out of their countries, cities, neighborhoods, and homes. Let's get all of our threatening military equipment onto planes and haul it back to the USA.

If our military actually came home, it would defuse much of the tension in the Middle East and beyond. Additionally, it would help our exhausted military families a great deal. On top of that, it would save billions of dollars, some of which could be used to increase security at home.

Bringing our troops home would also be in line with that often ignored document named the U.S. Constitution.

Oh yes, bringing our troops home would also save thousands of lives.

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