Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tithing After the Cross

Does the tithe apply to Christians today? This is a significant question that needs an answer based in scripture as opposed to man's traditions. David Croteau provides us with that answer.

In Tithing After the Cross, Croteau systematically explains numerous traditional arguments in favor of the tithe, and then shows why each of the arguments fails. The author deals with arguments from the Old Testament, from the New Testament, from systematic theology, from church history, and from pragmatics.

The book concludes with a chapter on how Christians should give today. I appreciate that Croteau provides various principles for giving based in scripture, but refrains from suggesting any sort of formula or dollar amount.

The only negative is that the author says it's important to remember that the local church has bills to pay and that the pastoral staff has financial needs. Unlike the remainder of the book, he doesn't root these statements solidly in scripture. But hey, no book is perfect.

I recommend this book for two reasons. First, it focuses on a key topic in the Christian life: giving. Second, the author deals biblically and concisely with a wide range of issues related to the tithe.

It's a quick read (only about seventy pages) and is inexpensive. You'll enjoy it.


James said...

Ironic. One dismantles the falsehood of tithing only to invoke the main reason it is usually pounded from pulpits across the pay the bills of the synagogue.


Eric said...


It really is a good book, except for the part you mentioned. Too bad the author couldn't see past his own traditions.