Thursday, October 8, 2015

Take the Trinity Test

Tim Challies and Rebecca Stark have put together a very solid little quiz that focuses on the doctrine of the Trinity. Since it's only made up of 33 questions it doesn't take long. While some of the questions were easy, a few made me stop and think. I managed to get all 33 correct, but I had a little uncertainty along the way.

I encourage you to take it. Click here to do so.

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Norm M. said...

I was disappointed that the test had very little scriptural support, relying on creeds and opinions as the basis for "correct" answers. There is a surprising difference in opinions on the trinity--even among conservative Christians. While some aspects of God's nature are clear from scripture, others, such as the relationship of the Father/Son/Holy Spirit, are less so. This is another topic which Christians frequently use as a litmus test for fellowship while labeling those that don't share the same understanding as heretics. This divisiveness only serves to polarize Christians rather than help to educate and foster a better understanding of God's nature.