Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Linking: "Contemporary Church Worship: A Liturgy of Entertainment?"

Read some excellent thoughts from Jeff Clarke on both the problem of church entertainment and the benefits of a superior way of gathering. He discusses these in his post entitled "Contemporary Church Worship: A Liturgy of Entertainment?"

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Tim A said...

This brother has good intentions but he gives no power or authority for his concerns. In other words he gives no scripture. Does he know any that speak on this point? Does he think the scripture matters? Is he aware the scripture has much to say on NT worship? At this point it's just his opinion or preference vs someone else. That is a set up for a shallow argument. The real point is what did God ask for in our worship? He links to church in a circle which is nice, but how many articles do you have to read before you get to a Biblical basis? You will never get to what God wants if we only talk on social or cultural versions of worship. I think this brother wants us to honor God's word, but he doesn't offer any to align with. He offers no contrast to what what is typically offered and how it is the opposite of scripture.