Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From the Department of Redundancy Department?

I've been told by some who shall remain nameless that I say the same things over and over on my blog. In essence, the accusation is that I'm being redundant. Is this true? If so, is it a problem?

Is my blogging from the Department of Redundancy Department?

I admit to spending a good amount of time pointing out the numerous problems embedded within institutional Christianity. I make no apology for this. However, I also write about other issues such as family and culture. Additionally, other posts look at positives we see in scripture as far as the church is concerned. I attempt to then make application to today's church. Finally, sometimes I blog about simple church practices and activities that I find both important and interesting. To sum up, this blog looks at much more than just institutional problems.

For the sake of argument, let's just say that my posts focus more on the institution and its absurdities than on anything else. Is this a problem? I think not. Here's why. First, each week institutional Christianity rolls along, largely unimpeded. The pastors do their thing. The people sit quietly. The offering plate fills up. Society is not changed. Because of this, at least some of us outside the institution must point out the problems. Blogging is one of the few avenues I have. As long as the institution keeps up its traditional nonsense, I will discuss the unbiblical nature of what I see. The institution's redundancy leads to my redundancy. We must keep these issues in the minds of other Christians. Otherwise, no change will come within the church.

Second, many bloggers who prefer simple church and are willing to discuss institutional problems also have another problem: they are weak doctrinally. I'm not sure why it is, but a lot of those outside the institutional walls hold unbiblical positions on issues such as homosexuality, gender roles, the atonement, and Hell to name a few. Many also border on universalism. The term "squishy" is a good way to describe their doctrine. Therefore, I'm part of an odd, small number of bloggers who hold orthodox Christian beliefs and also reject institutional church practices (Arthur is another in this odd camp). Since our number is so small, we must continue to bang the same drum.

If this seems like redundancy, then so be it. Nobody is forced to read anybody's blog.


Kevin said...

I don't find your posts redundant. I, for one, look forward to reading what you write.

abmo said...

Go ahead, blog. I will read :-)

Thanks for sharing.

Eric said...

Thanks gentlemen. I'll keep it up!

Aussie John said...


Redundant = More than is needed, desired, or required.

Not at all. Or,

Redundant = Repetition of same sense in different words.

As long as one has a clear view of where one is headed, a very sound principle of teaching.

Maybe someone doesn't understand "redundant" because the third definition means "reached use by date".

Eric said...

Thanks John. And well said.

It fascinates me that some folks take the time to comment to say that I'm redundant. Why don't they just stop reading? It's odd.

Tim A said...

Redundancy is very important, specially on Biblical instruction that is being ignored, rejected, rationalized, twisted, claimed but not practiced by 99% of American believes. The redundant charge is a defense mechanism to self-justify dismissing the ideas rather than engage in "one another" function on these truths. Some idioms come to mind that are commonly used to deprecate ideas that challenge status quo.
Ax to grind
one-trick pony
beating a dead horse

When humans have a sense of entitlement to their ministry pay check or their weekly Bible lecture feeding, there a great weakness to despise rather than interact and learn. They have heard or given 50 sermons on prayer or witnessing and don't care about that, even when their prayer life and witness life are almost non-existent.

I think you do an excellent job in spurring believers on to love and good works in one another dynamic in a broad spectrum of truth areas. Compared to other blogs by men with titles, offices, and a pay check for institutional maintenance, your responsiveness to those who write is far above par. Most will never respond in any way. For many their only response is to delete the posting. You are an excellent example to the rest of us. It is clearly driven by faith.