Sunday, November 23, 2014

"The Accidental Organic Church" - By Alan Knox

In January of this year my good friend Alan Knox penned a short essay that was published in House2House magazine. It is entitled The Accidental Organic Church.

Alan Knox and I became good friends while in seminary together. We were also part of the same church family, which Alan describes in the first part of his post. Those were fascinating days as we as a church body searched the scriptures together, trying to see how God desired that we function. I think I learned more from my time with Alan and the others than I did during my seminary classes.

Alan and I do not get to see each other much anymore. However, we remain close friends and fellow bloggers (although his has gone cold for now). I'm excited that Alan is a contributor to Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity. His chapter is entitled, "A Church That Knows Leaders Are Servants." It is one of the strongest chapters in the book.

I encourage you to read The Accidental Organic Church. It will be five minutes of your life well spent.

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