Monday, November 3, 2014

Church Simply: Let's Have a Family Gathering

Simple church gatherings are just that: simple.

In every country in the world families get together. The purpose is usually to enjoy one another's company. There may be some planning, but for the most part it is the spontaneous interactions that are most important. Families just enjoy being together. It is much more about who is there than what is happening.

Simple church gatherings are like this. The body of Christ is one large family. Because of this, church gatherings should be be family gatherings. This can occur any place, any time, with any number of people. The purpose is to give believers the opportunity to glorify God through mutual edification.

This all happens most effectively when church meetings are family meetings.

When we look to the pages of the New Testament we see the redeemed coming together simply. They generally met in homes. We're told in Acts 2:42 that they, "devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." This is not complex. However, it is very important. The importance lies in the community atmosphere that encourages the building up of the body.

Much of the church today seems to think that complexity equals excellence. Look at almost any mega church website to see this. The irony is that the scriptures show us the opposite. Simple is generally better. Family gatherings happen in simple environments. When large groups meet in big buildings for worship ceremonies, family dynamics cannot exist.

Local bodies of believers do well to think of their meetings as family get togethers. This keeps things simple and relaxed. Planning is minimized while edification is maximized.