Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just Ten Days To Go!

Only ten more days until the publication of Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity!

Although I am the editor of this book, it is not my book. Rather, it's really a book owned by twenty-four different people. That's probably one of the reasons I'm so excited about it. This is not just my thoughts; it's much better than that. It is a compilation of what a diverse group of Christians believes about simple church life.

I'm also very pleased that this is not a homogeneous group. Although we all have Christ in common, we have many differences: backgrounds, locations, genders, occupations, races, and (gasp!) some doctrinal issues. We even chose a wide variety of bible translations to use in this book (eight total).

Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity has not been written from a narrow perspective. Rather, a bunch of Christ followers from all over the world (literally) have joined together to discuss some of the wonderful benefits of simple church life. I hope you are blessed by it.


Miguel Labrador said...

I tend not to like compilation books, but this one is very different. Granted, I am one of the authors, but after reading it I was shaken to find a unity within it that exceeded my expectations. It flowed well. I am on my second pass through the book and I was thinking that to mistake this book for another house church, simple church, or even organic church book would be A MISTAKE. There's much more to this collaborative canon than meets the eye.

Eric said...


I agree that this book seems different. I'm glad it is so. I sense more of a unity in Christ than I do any sort of us vs. them church stuff. Thank God for that. And thank you for being a part of it!