Sunday, August 3, 2014

Editing "What We're For" / PLEASE PRAY

Back in January I announced that Jeremy Myers and I are working on a book entitled What We're For. This book stems from a blog post I wrote that simply lists twenty-five things I'm for in the life of the church. I'm the book's editor while Jeremy is the publisher.

Many of you know that my job requires me to work 60-70 hours most weeks. Because of this, I haven't had much time recently to work on the book. However, I have this next week off. Also, my entire family is in New York State on vacation. Therefore, I have a quiet house with not much to do for the next seven days except work on What We're For.

I have two primary tasks related to the book. First, I need to finish editing about twenty chapters. These are in various stages of readiness for publishing. Second, I need to write two chapters myself, one on forgiveness and one on suffering. While I've given these quite a bit of thought, I have yet to compose them.

Please pray for me that I will have clarity of thought and consistent motivation this week. I need both.



Randi Jo :) said...


Jeremy Myers said...

Praying! Not just for this work, but also that you find it relaxing and enjoyable. You have been working yourself crazy!

Eric said...

Thank you Randi Jo!

Eric said...

Thanks Jeremy!

The editing is on!

Aussie John said...


With you!

Eric said...

Thanks John very much!