Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On Being Church Nomads

My family and I are currently in a self-imposed, semi-nomadic stage of church life. A few months ago we sensed God leading us out of the little group we had been gathering with for a few years. We are all still friends. We also see each other occasionally; just this past Sunday I gathered with the group as we said good-bye to one family who is moving due to military duty.

As for our family, we aren't certain what God has for us. It's not as if we're wandering in some sort of spiritual wasteland. I suppose the term "nomads" is exaggerating the situation. Rather, we just don't have a group we are meeting with right now. I don't want to force the issue, but I also don't want to just sit around waiting for something to happen.

What we might do is simply start inviting some people over to our house and see what happens. I'd rather avoid Sunday mornings just because of all the expectations/trappings/traditions that are difficult to avoid on Sundays. Saturday nights sound good. It is fascinating to watch what happens when Christians get together to simply fellowship and eat. I look forward to seeing what the Holy Spirit will do with that.


Steve Scott said...


My family has been in the same situation for a while now. You're welcome to come over to our house for dinner. :)

Eric said...

Thanks Steve. I'd love to come over.