Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cease Arguing

Can we as the body of Christ stop arguing about cessationism and continualism? Please?

Many Christians exist on both sides of this issue. Many great teachers within the faith fall on both sides. We could probably all find a decent amount of biblical support for both positions.

In light of this, will the church please stop arguing about it?

Now that John MacArthur's conference is concluded (I didn't watch or listen to it), let's get back to being a united body of Christ. We've been charged with edifying other believers, relieving the suffering of the hurting, and proclaiming the gospel to the lost. These things are critical.

Quite frankly, it's just not that important whether or not we believe, for example, that speaking in tongues is still valid. We can discuss it, but let's not fight about it. Too much is at stake to divide the bride of Christ over something so insignificant.

FYI: I'm a continualist. However, it's not something I think about a whole lot. I'm much more concerned that you love Jesus Christ than that you think a certain way about spiritual gifts.

This is not an issue to argue about. Civil discussion is great, but the name calling and questioning of salvation must cease and desist. We have too much work to do for the kingdom to spend time dividing the body.


Aussie John said...


One of the lessons I've learned is that those who are continually seeking to blow out another person's candle, knows the light of their own candle is becoming weak.

Eric said...


Well said!